Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tourist attraction

Last year I took a bike trip around Scotland, and it was like biker heaven. The scenery was amazing, the sinuous roads empty and stretching with gentle undulations through gorgeous panoramas that made you glad to be alive and sat on two wheels.

Of course, I could put up some pictures of said scenery to demonstrate my appreciation of the trip, but I'm thinking you might as well go on to a tourism website and look at proessionally captured images. So I won't.

Instead, have a look at this one, taken in the Kyle of Lochalsh just prior to a ride over the bridge to Skye. It demonstrates how the town has embraced modern technology and is at one with the new technocentric order of society:

Useful to know. I was tempted to follow it to see what sort of computer deserved it's own road sign, expecting some sort of Deep Thought artificial intelligence with hordes of technicians hurrying hither and thither, delivering important questions from locals about this year's haggis harvest and digging new single malt wells. Unfortunately, the call of the Talisker distillery was too strong so I didn't divert, so don't expect an explanation.

If you want to see it yourself, it's at the crossroads in the centre of town, just after the 'Microwave - 200 yards' sign.


  1. Modern technology at its finest. They're obviously very proud of the tourist potential of the 'computer'. Maybe it should have its own website, advertising the enjoyment that visitors can have playing with it. Or they could just have one saying 'electricity', thus showing their warm embrace of modernity.

  2. how do we know you are not the world's tallest midget?

    your blog was interesting.

    miss alaineus

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. They're not that chuffed with electricity at the mo, cos electrons cost a quid a bucketful now.

    Hi Miss Alaineus. I have a certificate to say I'm the World's Smallest Giant. I know it's real because I made it myself.

  5. Jules... maybe they only have one computer...

    One now imagines kitchen signs - Blender 4ft, Fridge 6ft, Wrinkled linoleum for the next 2ft... LOL


  6. Must be one great computer - reminds me a bit of a sign for a town near me: normally you have a sign that says "please drive carefully" right? well, this one has the "r" and "v" taken out to read "please die carefully"!

    Signs are crazy - but this is fine technology!


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