Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cost effective special effects

I'm hoping that the trend to having films with lots of special effects and chuff all content will be coming to an end soon. They should have both, preferably, but if the dosh is being divvied up, it should go to the storysmiths and script writers first, and the CG artists second. I realise that, in this time of crunching credit, the charming little cottage industy of filmcraft is being hit hard, and money for special effects and scenery will be tight. Mr Lucas et al might be after some advice on how to cut costs.

To help, allow me to demonstrate by providing, in toddler building blocks; a flawless rendition of a popular film and television set piece; the stargate off of Stargate, which was some sort of gate to the stars:

Please note, this is not to be confused with the stair gate, which is used to stop said toddler from practicing his unintentional parkour.


  1. Well, I'd believe it was the Stargate, but then I think if you looked at packet of Carr's Table Water biscuits from a a certain angle, you could almost imagine the Tardis. So what do I know.

  2. Very clever. Extremely realistic, on a par with the original Star Trek's fx.

    THis may sound weird but those blocks look very familiar. When I was somewhere between 11 and 13, I think, my father brought home a game with those particular types of blocks, right down to color and shape. I have been wracking my brain to come up with the game's name.

    My father was a salesman who sold toys and hobbies to stores all over the state.

  3. We had similar when we were kids too.

    Really, the Tardis, my lordy, how time flies...


  4. The one's we've bought for my boy are part of a set that comes on a trolley, for building with rather than as part of a specific game.

    I was going to make a Tardis out of lego but found warping the space-time continuum a bit fiddly!


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