Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Growth - medium.

My old crone of a mother (she refers to herself as that) is pretty good with plants, and seems to derive some pleasure out of gardening. She recently encouraged me to get into it, and advised one of those cheap plastic mini-greenhouses to start off with, as apparently you can get a good amount of herbage even in the dank shade of this North Atlantic island.

So earlier this year I took her advice, ready to delve into the world of horticulture, already imagining hosting a universally lauded gardening programme on BBC2 in a couple of years, not that I get ahead of myslef or anything.

Behold, I give you, the Tropicarium!

Note the bricks and sandbags. You can't have your crop being blown away by a sudden gust, so that's my first bit of gardening advice.


  1. You have been tagged The Jules, check my blog for details,

    this is not some form of revenge, you've done nothing wrong (that I know of), but it's a great way of expanding your readership for the sake of a few moments. Please leave a comment on my post when you have put the Meme on your blog.

    Thanks for being such a good sport.


  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Oh, AV, you just assume a good sport is what you're presenting this to.



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