Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To start as we mean to go on.

Sometimes, the only thing worse than being a pedant is being an observant pedant. I'm not a grammar nazi, and think that the beauty of language is in it's fluidity and dynamism, but sometimes I see something that just makes me have to take a pickcha.

I mean really:

There's no excuse is there? Not even the jaunty capitals at the beginning of every word can save it. I know it's just a supermarket who's name of The Co-Op will go unmentioned here, but surely there's someone in their (see, not so hard is it?) advertising dept who's got a qualification in Engerlese and might have spotted these before they went out to 3,000 stores across the UK (presumably).

Well they didn't. And their lack of a proper checking procedure has resulted in them being BERATED in a BLOG by someone they've NEVER heard of!

I hope they can sleep tonight.


  1. I meant to comment on this earlier. Unlike you, I might border on being a grammar/spelling Nazi. I am, at the least, pedantic about proper spelling and phrasing. It is a strain to hold back sometimes in order to be polite.

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