Tuesday, November 25, 2008

99% Perspiration

According to recent research, there is no such thing as innate talent, and having an IQ above 120 does not single anyone out for extra success in life. Apparently, in order to become a world expert at anything, you need to do something revolutionary;

Okay, not particulalry startling, but this here research (and by research I mean magazine article) also suggests that, to truly master something, there is a certain number of hours of practise you need to get under your belt, and it doesn't matter whether you wnat to be a virtuoso on the violin or an evil criminal druglord, it's the same figure.

10,000 hours.

That's about 10 years, if you're dedicated, and appears to be the amount of time people thought of as the foremost practitioners in their field have spent getting to the top of their game. So I was thinking, what could I become a master of in ten years if I started in earnest now. I recently carved a hallowe'en courgette, which shows promise, although it's not as scary as might be anticipated:

Imagine how awesome that would be if I'd been doing nowt else for a decade! Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

So, what would you do, if you had the time and support? Ten years from now, you too could be an expert courgette carver, although I think the planet is too small for more than one.

Get your own niche.


  1. Practice (or practise)? That requires effort, work, determination. There's a reason I am no expert at anything. The only thing I have practiced and perfected is idleness. I am a master at that craft.

  2. I have had a go:


  3. I am in awe. I cannot hope to compete in the veg carving stakes. I have perfected the art of being me. There are many pale fascimiles, but I am the original, the undiluted and the slightly more annoying version. And with that, I am content.

  4. A niche is something I'm still developing, but I want to be good at a lot of things in the future...


  5. The world needs another courgette carver... what a lot of walisol

    Do something useful, feed undernourished squirrels or something. LOL



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