Friday, February 17, 2023


Hello Fit For Nothing team!
My name is Philip, and I am the chief content manager at 
I am happy to inform you that has been identified as one of the safest websites to offered to users in 2023! This award widget can be added to your website...

🏆 >>> Get your free badge here <<< This link will lead you to profile on

Add this award to your website as proof of your professional and thoughtful attitude to web safety. It is FREE to claim and use:
  1. Go to this page dedicated to Fit For Nothing
  2. Click on the "Claim your award" button
  3. Select the award design and generate a code snippet
  4. Embed it to any page on your website (usually, a homepage.)

IMPORTANT: After you add it, please send us a link to a page with the award, so we can assign a verified partner status to your profile!

What does happen after you install the award on the website?

We'll confirm your website as our verified partner (within 24 hours) and give your profile a premium look, so more users can discover it and learn everything there is to know about its perfect safety.
Other Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What is
A: We are a free service providing a safe, augmented web-browsing experience to our users and customers. 4M+ users are monthly using our portal to securely visit different websites, including yours.
Q: How did you select my website?
A: It is an aggregated verdict based on the popular/trusted public ratings, user reviews, and compared to other websites in the same category in's directory.
Q: Is this award really free?
A: Yes, absolutely. It's your well-deserved award and it comes with no additional costs or fees.


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