Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry . . . Saturday!

Christmas time, and I'm off, which makes a decent change.

Doesn't seem a year since I was lamenting being at work over christmas, but it was!

This year, however, I am of a different ilk, and can join in the festivities without the possibility of having to zoom off to have my mood ruined by someone selfishly having a heart attack or taking an overdose on this most joyous of of days.


Now, There is actual, genuine snedge outside and the kids are gradually coming down from the excitement of evidence-less faith in a big fat guy who lobs toys down your chimney even if you haven't got a chimney. As well as sugar.

Presents have been given and received, telly has been watched, dinner has been eaten and the traditional bicker has been attended to. Both stomachs and marriages are close to splitting, which is the official sign of a successful traditional exmuss.

My son, who is a few months short of his fourth birthday, turned his nose up at the stonkingly good home made beef wellington with all the trimmings, and opted instead for a Babybel cheese and a slice of bread (no butter) for his christmas dinner.

This is actually better than might be expected because, if it was his choice, the christmas menu would be something like this:

Starter: Minstrels.

Main Course: A Minstrel joint with flambéed Minstrels, roast Minstrels and boiled Minstrels, drizzled with a Minstrels jus.

Dessert: Minstrels crumble with custard. Made out of Minstrels.

This would of course be followed by a nice cup of Minstrels to finish the meal off. And maybe a quick look at the Minstrels board.

I've flicked through the films, and was quite excited about Shrek the Third and Top Gear, but in general I'm not overly bothered about telly. This is good because, well, let's face it, the TV selection is pretty crappy, and that's even with the most up-to-date supermarket freesat box. The Queen's Speech wasn't even done by Helen Mirren. Just some old granny in a bling hat.

Mind you, I would've been more excited about even the most straight-to-bargain-box-in-Blockbusters offering if the synopsis was like the one I saw just a couple of weeks ago on Movies4Men:

Rogue agents are ten a penny. In fact, the majority of secret service agents are rogue. And that's political dynamite, that fact.

Rouge agents though? Well, they're a different breed altogether. Not only are they charged with hijacking Concordes (presumably by going to an air museum and towing it out), but they must do so looking fabulous!

Now though, in the here and now, things are quieting down. Peristalsis is overcoming what initially seemed like a insurmountable obstacle and now just looks more and more like a big job, whilst alcohol gently caresses my system like a cerebral Thai lady-boy with well-oiled hands.

So I have a moment to reflect.

Yup. That's some good reflecting there.

Good reflecting.

Anyway, let me take this moment to wish you a very happy Saturday, and please spare a thought for all those who have to work over the weekend.

Happy christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~ Eddie

  2. cheers, sugar! a happy saturday to you and yours! we're celebrating the MITM being home for MY birthday later this week! xoxoxxoxo

  3. Sounds like fun... I had to endure the usual family stuff.... screaming kids, yelling mums and 'leave me alone' dads. To make it all the more boring I was 'designated driver' (I guess you have them there too?) A fairly new tradition whereby one person is designated to stay sober while everyone else drinks and teases the 'designated driver' with all manner of alcohol...any why? To drive the injured to hospital, to drive the forgetful to the shops and to drive everyone home when theyve had enough!...and ME? I've had enough too!
    Cheers to all!

  4. Happy happy, joy, joy to your Saturday. And for my money, Top Gear might be the best damn thing on TV.

  5. Eddie - Many thanks, and to you and yours too!

    Savvy - Triple reasons for celebratio then! Yay! Have a great birthday ad may your prezzies be voluminous!

    Tempo - Ah, the designated decoy. Pretend to be drunk, get stopped by the police and pass their breathalyser, and meanwhile all the drunkards drive off whilst they're distracted! Hope you make up for your responsible state soon mate.

    SkylersDad - To you too! I didn't know you got Top Gear over there!

  6. hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

  7. hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

  8. hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

  9. hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

  10. 網站設計 to 法律諮詢 - Once again, thank you all for strangely similar comments. My writings on theater and writing were so subtle, even I wasn't aware of them.

    Maybe I'll activate the comment approval option.

    Apologies to the rest of you for any inconvenience, but at least I can get rid of the word verification thang!

    The Jules

  11. And belated Happy Minstrel-filled Saturday to you sir! Hope you'd a good one.

    ps your, writings on theater and writings much missed

  12. I'm late, of course, so Happy Tuesday!


    p.s. If I could have one wish today, it would be to know what the hell a Minstrel is. I can only you are not referring to wandering musicians. Is it chocolate? It should be if it's not.

    I was also going to ask you about Pims, but I'll save that for another occasion. (I like to spread these things out.)

  13. Judearoo - Very good thank you! Hope yours was also festively fun-filled!

    Pearly - Happy Tuesday to you too! And oh, such ignorance in the ways of chocolate. Almost cute if it weren't so tragic. I found this link (which specialises in purely British things, so you could also order curry and champagne) for your persual:

  14. Just a quick Happy New Year... pc not behaving, have to be quick.


  15. Pearl beat me to the minstrel question. We are stoopid Americans. Plus, I mix up rogue and rouge all time. Happy holidays!

  16. AV - Happy new year! Hope you beat your pc into obedience soon.

    Wow, TWA - And to you! Ignorance is not stoopidity, though. Although as for the rouge/rogue debacle . . .


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