Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Avoiding the crowds

I like this picture. I went out in January for a walk up our nearest set of mountainettes, Pen Y Fan in Wales. They're only about an hour away, and yet it was almost like a different world up there.

I'm not a fan of crowds, which is a problem on an island the size of this one where over 60 million people live. You can't go many places, especially in England, where you won't be sharing the scenery with lots of other folk. Usually though, they tend to be pleasant, like minded sorts, as dreary chavs tend to be urbanophiles and don't often come out of town, so the effect is mitigated somewhat.

In winter though, you hardly see anyone. The views are often the equal of anything in the Summer, sometimes better as they're aren't many leaves to block the view, and as long as you wrap up well, jobs a good 'un. You also get a real sense of achievement as well.
Does this make me a grumpy bugger, I wonder?


  1. Sorry for not replying to your comment on my post earlier.

    I believe the DVD was, "The Hulk," which wasn't even that good of a movie, or so I think.

  2. The solitude without others is a time to be treasured.

    Best quality time I ever had a lone was in the Peruvian Jungle, near Pilcopata (you'll need a good atlas to find that one. I was 15 hours walk from there, four months of bliss, my nearest neighbours a tribe of Huacari indians 45 minutes further up the track.

    I know exactly the value you are referring to.



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