Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The wonderful thing about taggers is . . .

Well, once again I have been stuck in the quagmire of reality, when everyone knows I would rather be dancing the light fandango in the ethereal netherworld of the internet, with you lot. This means that blog posts are fewer and further between than I would like, simply due to the fact that I have to provide my employers with a significant fraction of my valuable time.

It's just not on. If I was rich, I could blog to my hearts content. I'm not greedy. A single billion quid would do me.

Anyway, the erudite and incomparable Madame DeFarge at
Bateau de Banane (which roughly translates from the original sanskrit as 'she who has a banana-like bottom') has requested, nay deemed, me to continue with a six-pointed tag-fest that has been doing the rounds. And why not, I thought, suddenly having 15 minutes free before I go to bed.

Now, this exercise involves giving half a dozen facts about yourself and then tagging another six bloggers so that they can then suffer the same torment, and you can feel solidarity in your suffering.

First, apparently, I have to list the rules, of which there are five.

1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog (That'll be Madame DeFuh, as above)

2) Write the rules (What you is currently perusing)
3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you (see below)

4) Tag 6 persons adding their links directly (I shall choose people randomly, and by random I mean subjectively)
5) Alert the persons that you tagged them (hopefully by reading this post)

Facts about me could easily become similar to the Chuck Norris meme because of my inherent bodacious orsumness, but I think it only fair to reign myself in a bit. So, in honour of peer pressure, my six things are:

1) I was born with hair down to my shoulders. The midwives suggested my parents call me Ringo.

2) I've eaten eathworms. As a grown up. And not as a dare.

3) I've have a resting pulse rate of 56.

4) I used to be a biologist, and still find it interesting.

5) I lack the ability to panic and have no phobias at all.

6) I find knives fascinating. This reads as a bit weird, but I'll let it stand.

The 6 peeps that I wouldn't mind answering these things if they have the inclination are:

Douglas - because I admire his genuinity.
Neo - because he mentioned Chuck Norris, and so did I!
Alex - because he doesn't post enough.
Steam Me Up, Kid - because she's funnier than a clown drowing in sputum.
Thinkinofyou - because writing quiets the voices in her head.

Hey, this has been a pictureless post. Sorry about that.


  1. Thanks so much for this,Jules!Could you sense the sarcasm in that sentence!?! LOL!

  2. What funny is that I've been hearing about this "tagging" concept, but did not actually understand it until you provided the explanation. Thanks.

  3. Jules - you old sweetheart. It appears we have 1) in common, hence my haircut at six weeks old. And you are orsum indeed.

  4. Pity you had to give up being a biologist. Perhaps you should have trained as a vet.

  5. Thinkinofyou - You are SO welcome me dear! :-)

    Savannah - Cheers honey.

    Logistician - I wouldn't put too much faith in any of my explanations, but I think I've got it right here!

    Mdme DeF - Aw thanks. My only hair regret is that I've never had a mohican.

    GB - I wouldn't mind being a rare animal vet, because then you'd have nice quiet days, especially if you specialised in Yangze River Dolphins or Spiny Echidnas. How often are they going to need a vet?

  6. Seriously?? NOYOUCAN'TMAKEME!!! I thought you were kidding.

    Ok, I'm gonna have to work it in so I don't seem like a total asshat memeing all over the damn place.

    Sputum? Is that Latin?

  7. Good answers. Wish I could be that brief. I find it interesting that you used to be a biologist as well.

  8. Knives are fascinating until you have one shoved into your kidneys.

    Trust me on this one.

  9. Steamy! - Ah go on go on go on. And I believe the Latins had sputum, yes.

    Brother Tobias - I'm a naturally verbose person. This blog forces brevity on me!

    Jimmy - I sat on a drawing pin once so . . . you know, I can empathise.


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