Thursday, December 4, 2008

The New Ukulele!

I've noticed that a lot of blogs are about exposing issues important to the very innermost depths of someone's being (like sex, loneliness, sex, friendships, sex, weight-loss, sex, roadkill etc). Now, I don't really do that, as this blog is generally just a bit of light-hearted wittering and pointless spewage from my psyche.

Today though, I'm going to be different, because it's linked to my tragedy post ( A few people offered their condolences on the loss of my ukulele, for which I'd like to thank them, and I also mentioned I was attempting to learn Sweet Child O' Mine on it's replacement.

Understandably, there was some concern about this, so I think it only fair that I back up my claim with a video. Unless that was what the concern was about (Oh crap - he's going to video that and post it, isn't he?). Playing and singing exposes your very soul, according to some musician friends of mine, so let's give it a go shall we. Excuse the singing as this is a work in progress and I'll get my tone in another day!


  1. What can one say... a picture is worth a 1,000...


  2. Not bad at all. Bravo! Of course Arthur Godfrey can rest easy. I can't play a radio much less an actual musical instrument so I shouldn't make snide comments.

  3. lol - it's all about enjoyment, not ability.

    Like sex really.


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