Monday, March 25, 2013

A bootful of thoughtfulness

Sometimes, when using the works equipment, you realise that the designers really did have your best wishes at heart:

This morning, I was doing my VDI, which sounds like it should involve a cotton swab and some wincing, but is actually a Vehicle Daily Inspection, and took a pickcha, because it puts off changing the defibrillator batteries for a minute which is, like, so boring and who needs 'em anyway:

The office. Ooh, nice drawers . . .

At first, it looks like the normal chaos one finds in the back of the standard rapid response vehicle used by ambulance paramedics the world over, but take a closer look and you can see they have specifically provided a perfectly engineered nook for my cup of hot brown:

If you turn the torch on, Batman appears with milk and sugar.

If that doesn't encourage one to be extra thorough in checking your kit then I don't know what will. Anyway, back to work. Probably shouldn't be blogging on duty anyway, but there you go.

"Right, CLEAR!"


"Oh shi . . ."


  1. but why would they place the cup holder in the BACK of the van??? *she said ever so innocently* xoxoxoxo

  2. Good point Savvy. There should be one in every part of the vehicle, including the outside.

  3. especially the outside Jules...
    But then again as I ponder the fact that you live in a cold and damp place maybe thats not much use to you? Here in Australia we are outside a great deal and our skin cancer rates are the highest in the world...Hmm, do you think those two things could possibly be related? Nah...anyway, here we could use an outside cup holder nearly everyday.

    Oh good god.....(suddenly leaves room)

    (after a 10 min break)
    I should explain... I have a 16 month old American Bull Terrier who will (and does) eat pretty much ANYTHING. This has an unfortunate effect on his bowels resulting in numerous purple clouds pouring forth from that region that he seems unaware of. (sheesh)
    As a medical practitioner is there anything you can suggest? (defibrillator perhaps)

    1. I think a defib would be a fire risk mate.

      And you get no kudos for living in a nice climate. Just grumpy looks from me. It's currently minus 2 C here.

  4. Boots. They're the in thing. There's one on my blog post. Mine's full of meat though. A very meaty boot. And I'm planning on putting one on the next blog post. Which will be less full of meat. I have boot drawer envy, btw. Also, btw, nice cup. What a jolly looking cat! It's grinning all over it's little face haha! I have found that tree protectors function very nicely as pint holders, if you ever find yourself drunkenly planting trees. Unless there's a pesky tree poking out of the top. But that's what secateurs are for, presumably.

    1. I will be catching up on blog posts soon, but I may have to purchase a new computer as mine is refusing to live and is in the computer cave being treated by a wizard.

      The Yellow Pussy mug is famed throughout the ambulance station for it's sunny disposition.


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