Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Testing the aitch two oh

Apparently there's a magical, mystery way of making words appear on my blog even though they've been crafted on a mobile phone.

This I find hard to believe, because surely the only person who could blog like that would be a nimble fingered victorian seamstress, shortly before candlelight-induced myopia set in for good and she was sent to the poor house which are notorious for bad reception.

Still, worth a try.
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  1. OMFG!

    It worked.

    Apologies for my absence from the blogosphere to anyone who reads this.

    I expect normal service to be resumed hopefully at the end of March.

  2. All is forgiven, awaiting your return.

  3. Waiting out here patiently for you, oh nimble-fingered one!

  4. I can forgive you, but only because of our loving yet checkered past.


  5. You are doomed, Jules. Before you know it, you will be texting as you weave your motorcycle through rush hour traffic.

    I am also jealous of your relationship of checkers with Pearl.

    Pearl's Unofficial Stalker

  6. Oh gosh, I was afraid no-one would bother to comment, what with me being a blog slackard.

    Mama W - Thank you for the absolution. Means a lot to me.

    SkylersDad - I'm glad. Hope Skyler's family are all well.

    Pearl - We're very complicated, aren't we?

    Douglas - You could be right. Also, I hear Pearl's actually looking for an official stalker, if you're up for it and can bring your own thermos of coffee. Send her your CV but ensure the letters are cut out from only the nicest newspapers.

  7. It must be one hell of a queue that's keeping you waiting in line for a wee dod of bread.

  8. Well, I still haven't been blogging on my iPhone (because I can't find the way to, but I know it's possible)... the most I've done is take down some bullet points for a blog post using the Notes application, but that's about it. I think I would need the security of a laptop computer to blog... it's just not the same without an actual keyboard, with keys big enough to accommodate my fingertips.

    uTube & iShare

  9. The next logical step in this progression is to write a computer program to post to your blog based on uke input.

  10. "a nimble fingered victorian seamstress..." or a 1950s shorthand secretary with horn-rimmed glasses and her hair in a bun. Well done sir!

  11. Jimmy - Aye. And yet waiting for things leaves you no time for anything else!

    Michael - I know what you mean. I don't think I'll be doing any long Blackberry posts for exactly that reason.

    Eric - As long as it's in tab form, because I'm not so good at scan reading sheet music.

    Gadjo - Ta. Liking the secretary imagery. That's not the first time I've thought that.

  12. Jules, hi, I will say this... to keep Doug and Pearl from being jealous, You are ONE of the blogs I am always reading, lol... keep posting, there are interested souls out here in blogland

  13. WOW! I can't believe you typed all of that on such a tiny keyboard!

  14. WOW! I can't believe you typed all of that on such a tiny keyboard!

  15. It's like magic or something! But it's for people too lazy to get to a computer. I mean you'd never catch me doing something that uncool.

    sent from my iPod

  16. You're way too cool for the likes of me. Look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

  17. **%^*^ computer virus's.. do you know the bloke who writes em? I'm trying to find him to 'give' him a large square hard drive in his soft pink USB port

  18. Gregory - Very kind. Sorry it's little bit sparse at the moment.

    thinkinfyou - And I have big hairy hands!

    Veggie assassin - Staying true to your values girl! I like the idea of magic being for lazy folk. Hogwarts would be an institution for terminal couch potatoes.

    Mdme DeF - lol. I'm as cool as a cucumber. In a blast furnace.

    Tempo - I think he was hospitalised with hepatitis PC.

  19. it's ok, sugar, at least you have a reason and a possible return date! i'm running on empty! xoxoxo

    (my phone is 6 years old! even the t-mobile people can't believe it!)

  20. Be careful with those candles mate. Don't lean over them when wearing lace.

  21. Savvy - that phone will be coming back into fashion soon, like courderoy flares with pockets on the knees.

    Mo - But . . . what else does a blogger where?

  22. *stamps out prolific lace fire*

    *slaps on anti-burn cream*

    Dunno mate, I just dunno.

  23. You got some mad Blackberry skillz! Color me impressed. Look forward to reading more on your return!


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