Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Uneducated Guest

I've managed to wangle a guest post over on Mr London Street's blog, whilst he's away on his holidays.

It's on the topic of holidays. I say topic, but I mean that in the sense of any of my posts, all of which seem mostly to be about digression.

I've never done a guest post before so I hope don't break anything.

Anyway, nip over because if you've not had a look at his blog then I recommend it because it's . . . well . . . ace.


S'an ace blog!


  1. Well done keeping his blog all warm for him while he is away neglecting his proper duties.

    On the matter of vacation vs. holiday, my company has decided we shouls all call it Paid Time Off, because that sounds so romantic.

  2. We've taken to calling us being late Enforced Overtime, which isn't pleasing our management because it makes them sound like slave drivers.

    Which they practically are.

  3. You can guest post on my blog any time you want!
    : )

  4. You're right. It is ace, as is your posting upon it. Nicely done!

  5. Ok, I'll try to get over there when I can. S'mashin'

  6. So... will you be duplicating the post over here or must we go all the way over there to read it. I'm a bit tired of clicking on links and all. I mean, is the post worth it in your estimation?

  7. Soda and Candy - is that a euphemism? :-)

    Ana - Thank you, and welcome!

    Gadjo - Nice one.

    Eric - It's possibly the best post that was ever written, or ever will be written, on any blog ever, and as such cannot be reposted lest the weight of sheer brilliance from duplication brings down the very structure of the internets.

  8. Aw yeah, you can guest post ALL OVER my blog, baby...

    no, not a euphemism.

    ; )

  9. Thanks for looking after my pond while I was away. Enjoy this tin of virtual Roses.

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