Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just nipping out

The call of life and it's adherent duties leaves me with limited time to blog up.

Apparently, it's all about priorities, and context, where I must go to work, feed my family and interact with humans in the arguably "real" world.

There is also The Missus's rather good point that she would prefer me not to become a pasty blue wraith whose only colour comes from basking in the ethereal glow of the VDU.

In order to prevent me becoming like one of those transparent fish that lives in caves (a cruel irony of nature because they have no eyes and so can't see all the cool gubbins pulsating away under their skin there), we're going on a city break for a few days.

We've done some pretty decent cities in the past, from Reykjavik to Amsterdam, Prague to Paris, in the days when we actually had some of that stuff called unspent cash you get from being a dual income couple with no dependants.

Now, however, we must fool the bank and credit company into funding any such trip, which means we must be a little less ambitious, and stay closer to home.

There is a city on the the South East coast of England which we're going to nip to on the train. It's called London-On-Thames I believe, and has some decent shops and cafes and things, so we thought it would be worth a trip.

Also, a ukulele shop.

I'm obviously not going all the way to a vague town with a big stream just to go to a ukulele shop, because that would just be silly.

There's also a bookshop.

So, I'm off for a bit, and thought I'd post a quickie for the record, and I will shift my rear end out of neutral when I return and get back to reading stroke commenting stroke stroking on all your blogs.

You have been warned.

In the meantime, I shall wish you all good health by raising a glass of toxic liquid in salutation to you:

That was the last drop of pure, unadulterated wonderfulness from a bottle of Talisker Distiller's choice.

You see, that's how much I like you.

My last glass, and I wanted to share it with you.



  1. So... I like your blog and think I'll follow you if that's ok....

  2. The Duke of Uke is a great shop, I walked past it only a couple of weekends ago. Have you got the Dent May record? I think you'd like it. I'm sure you need no tips on what to do in the capital but if you do, holler. I'm there myself this weekend - for the delights, among other things, of Wimbledon Dog Track.

  3. It's a little early in the morning over here for me to be drinking whiskey, but what the hell. Cheers!

    ps - hope they speak English in that place you are going.

  4. Yay for holidays! May you purchase many fancy & exotic ukulele accoutrements.

  5. Sounds like an exciting "small town" holiday. Cheers.

  6. Sounds like a quaint little town to visit, I do hope you don't run afoul of the local constables.

  7. London? Hey, I work with a guy there named Simon. If you see him, will you say "hi" for me?


    p.s. Take pics. I've always wanted to go there.

  8. MLS got in ahead of me with the Duke of Uke. How many have you clocked up now?

    Bookshop? Any in particular? Need to get my bookshop fix where I can.

  9. If you're not pasty blue, you're just not blogging hard enough.

    Have a great time.

    PS: I thought nipping out is what happens to us ladies when we forget our sweater on a chilly day.

  10. It is legal to climb up Nelson's Column? That's what I'd do.

  11. London... is that near Berlin? If so, a dear friend of mine is going there, so I'll ask for the same favor as Pearl -- if you see a Puerto Rican named Rolando, say "hi" for me... but only if you're very near Berlin. I hate to be a pest. And for Mr. GB -- we've all had an urge to climb up Mr. Nelson's column.

  12. Help is at hand... another bottle on way!

  13. London on Thames you say? It doesn't happen to be in any guide books does it? I've just googled it and can't seem to find any information about it at all. I think you may have discovered something.

  14. Just don't swim in that stream- I heard you can get plague. I visited a dungeon under the water there once too. All in all, it's a pretty dangerous place.

    Enjoy! Come back please.

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  16. I'm going to show my ignorance here by saying I always though ukes were either for people who cant afford a nice guitar or maybe thats what you got for playing with it in the bath. No! not that...the uke!(shrunk)
    Geez, you must be rich, Londinium is clear on the other side of the planet... have fun..but not so much that you forget us.

  17. Back! Ooh, comments!

    Kate - Honoured to have you along. Make yourself comfortable!

    Mr London St - Went to that very shop to try out a specific uke I was thinking of purchasing.

    Eric - Attaboy! And it's a sort of pidjin English, but I've got a phrase book.

    Soda and Candy - It was lovely ta, alhtough I didn't take advantage of the ukulele situation.

    Hunter - Ta. Nice little place, and it did have a lovely caff.

    SkylersDad - I believe they're called Peelers, and they mostly tell you the time and bounce up and down on the balls of their feet. I avoided them.

    Pearl - I didn't see him, but I was told of him. They notice strangers in London. Pictures on the way.

    Judearoo - It's quite famous, the Duke of Uke, innit? I've only got three, you know. I'm not mad.

    Steamy - As opposed to ballsing up, which is what we chaps do when we get into cold water. And ta.

    GB - Must . . . resist . . . Winnie . . . Mandela . . . joke . . .

    Ana - I didn't go to the Berlin side of London. It wasn't on the street map, but I didn't turn the page over, so might have just missed it.

    Jimmy - Oh yeah, come to papa!

    Tennyson ee Hemingway - I shall write a full and accurate description for future explorers who like to go off the beaten track.

    Vic - Saw the dungeon. Well, it was an upturned shopping trolley in the canal, but pretty scary?

    Pash - How could I forget you? Also, the uke is a travel friendly guitar, and the easiest instrument to play (officially!). Haven't tried it in the bath though (the uke I mean. Honestly).

  18. A ukelele shop AND a bookstore? Wonderful! Enjoy!

  19. If I'd known, you could have popped in for a nice cup of tea. Have a fine time returning to the joys of the real world. I hear it's rather exciting these days.

  20. Awesome blog,I've been reading it for ages but had nothing to say....much like now!

  21. CatLadylarew - I did enjoy thank you, and I saw a book ABOUT ukuleles! Or-sum!

    Mdme DeF - That would've been mighty hospitable of you. Do you live in the cul-de-sac?

    Tempo - Welcome along old bean. Glad you like it!

  22. Mmm, London-upon-Thames, Talisker's, Ulekeles..... what a merry life people are still managing to have back in Old England, I take my hat off to you for maintaining morale!

  23. So, enjoy the ukulele shop? Buy one? I'll bet you bought a dozen.

  24. Gadjo - We make our own entertainment here in England, using nothing bu TVs, cinemas, the internet and copious sports and hobbies.

    Mo - I didn't, believe it or not. The uke I fancied wasn't quite what I was expecting. Sigh . . .

  25. You guys are DINKs. Dual incomes, no kids. Lucky bastards!

  26. Suzy - We were DINKS. Not anymore. Now we are honoured to have our very last pennies sapped out of our account by the joys of parenthood.


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