Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're all going on a . . .wintery holiday.

I'm currently on holiday (although we've stayed in this country), for a quick winter break. We're doing lots of activities which is great fun, but it's not leaving me much time for bloggage.

Anyway, me bath's running, and I just found this picture I took on a previous holiday of a famous European landmark I took from an unusual angle. See if you can guess where it is:
I'll give you a clue. You might get an eyeful of this tower in the capital of France because it is the Eiffel Tower.
Cryptic stuff . . .


  1. Wow, I'm glad I've never had a hankering to go up that thing... Just look how "straight" that vertical beam is. Not.


  2. Is the answer "David Duchovny"?


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