Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not just trees 'n hills.

I suddenly had a feeling that I was coming across all rural and anti-urban, perhaps appearing as some curmudgeon who likes to stay out in the wilds, what with pictures of critters and mountain tops, and rants on the pleasantness of meeting no-one at all.
I need to remind myself that there are some rather nice backdrops to be had in other settings, and we needn't just rely on the majesty of nature to provide nice places to visit. We're lucky round our locale as pleasant cundry ambles often follow the local rivers and canals, which can pass through areas that have a rich and surprisingly interesting industrial heritage.
By interesting, I don't mean I'd flick through a dissertation on the historical minutiae of pig-iron use in 1800s warehouses, I mean nodding appreciatively for a moment, before moving on to a pub with a good line in local ale.
This pic was taken under a railway embankment for instance.

Well, I like it. And it's my blog, so it's staying.

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  1. Speaking as someone who enjoys the countryside, but also enjoys the delights of Marks and Spencers, I wouldn't have said that you were anti-urban at all. We regularly amble through the Peak District and admire the many breeds of country pubs there available. They really do have the most amazing collection up there. With green stuff all around. Quite fascinating.


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