Sunday, December 28, 2008

That good old good feeling.

After a brief hiatus from this blog where reality stepped in and rudely interrupted my internet time, I went for a walk yesterday in order to clear my head, recharge my lungs and re-vim my vigour.

It's cold here at the moment, although we haven't had any snow since 1978 because of cow farts and 4x4s, but after a small amount of walking (barely a mile from my house), the scene that greeted me was lovely. So lovely in fact, I took out my phone and used it for its primary purpose. Taking photos. Occasionally, I talk to people on it, but that's just incidental:

Obviously, photograms don't do justice to the real world (except for porn, where they make sex look a bit better), but here, the cold snap of the air, the cloudy breathing from cattle, the skeletal trees looking like roots rather than anything that might possibly photosynthesize, all combined to make me feel . . . good.

And believe me, it's been a few days since I felt that way, which makes it extra special.

Wherever you are, I hope your locality offers a little bit of good.


  1. Glad that you're able to go out and enjoy the fresh air. I am officially miserable having had to cancel our new year walking holiday due to an influx of flu and sciatica. I am much disgruntled, but your photo offers some little ray of cheer into my otherwise homebound life.

    Have a good new year

  2. Jules,

    I have not been outdoors since Wednesday. Somehow I've succumbed to the flu, but I'm taking oil of oregano, and my throat feels suprisingly better.

    Thanks for the pic of rural life. Believe me when I say, "nothing brings holiday cheer to an urban guy like the sight of cows in a pasture".

    Best wishes for 2009,


  3. Nothing like a walk to re-vim the vigour. Now that i have returned to city living, i don't have the luxury anymore.


  4. Yes, like AV, I live in a city and walking to and from school with the car smoke going up my nose, the electronics that I'm allowed to bring out with me and the tall skyscrapers all around me forbid me from taking a peaceful stroll and enjoy some scenery. Sigh.



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