Sunday, September 26, 2021

hello recipient

hello recipient

I'm Hamid Abbas, an employee of the Waqf Bank of Turkey. I contacted you about the death of a customer who died in a car accident on the Istanbul highway in 2003. He was a very familiar customer to me.
Before his death, my client made a delivery ($36,000,000.00) under the supervision of my Turkish financial institution. Documents related to these transactions show that claims can only be filed by a direct member of your family. Unfortunately, at the time of his death, he didn't have a will.
All of his efforts revealed no connection to any of his family members. However, the new EU law on inheritances / loans / funds sets a deadline for accepting these loans. The financial institution has asked me to nominate the next relative who will request funds and, by refusing to respond to this notice, will legally allow the financial institution to report this money to the ECB as unjustified money.
My colleague and I have established all the requirements for releasing this money and I intend to give you this opportunity as a beneficiary. Please note that I have all necessary information / documentation about this fund legally presented. Please return your comments to me by replying to this email address:

Hamid Abbas

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