Monday, June 7, 2021


Dear Supplier,

kindly send us quotes of your products as displayed on your website as we are interested in buying your products.

For your reference, please find our Demand list on the file below:

Please Kindly give us your lead time and least price for our specified order demand as listed in the database above. Kindly click the data base above to view and download our Demand, Please advise your best competitive prices and terms of payment.

Appreciate your early feedback.

Best regards,
Seçil Doğan
Add: Menderes Mah. 35735 Sk. No: 44 Akgün 7 Apt. Kat:1/3 33190
     Mezitli / Mersin / TURKEY
Tel-1: 0090 530 99 56 155
Tel-2: 0090 324 565 10 50
Fax: 0090 324 564 10 50

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