Sunday, January 15, 2012


After taking pity on me for being behind the times the powers that operate the universe have finally relented and granted me the gift of a smart phone. All they ask in return is my eternal devotion, a monthly tax and a blood sacrifice at every full moon.

Obviously I'm just kidding about the eternal devotion and sacrifices.

It's not an iPhone.

So here I am fully Androided up and supporting various edible-sounding softwares like . . . Gingersnap and . . . Icecreamy cake or something, all designed to sound fun sound easy to use, hinting that setting it all up is as easy as eating a snack.

Two weeks later and I think I've finally managed to attach my magic phone to an invisible internet tube with a blogging valve, so this is a test post to test out a post. Then after I've posted I'll check the test post, post-test.

This keyboard is touch sensitive, but if it doesn't recognise one of my key strokes then I still find I jab the screen really hard, as if I'm blogging on a 19th century typewriter made all of brass and moustaches.

In conclusion, I think we can all agree that technology has come a long way since moustaches, and I now need to discover if I can edit, preview and up- (or possibly down) load a photo.

The world needs to see the spider my 4 year old son drew on his magnetic sketcher.

I bet you're glad you stopped by now.


  1. What we bloggers REALLY need is Live Writer app on our mobiles, then we're set!

    1. Technogran - I haven't used that, but after your comment I've been checking it out and you're right. Wonder if one's in the offing?

  2. I have had an Android for awhile now, and I have found that my declining eyesight is making it next to useless to me. My next phone I will probably just go back to a standard cell, unless I can find the mobile version of those old hand-crank models.

  3. I, for one, am glad I stopped by. That drawing of a spider made my day. That probably said more about me than the drawing, didn't it?

    I see you're busy so I'll be brief. I am learning this Android thing too but not on a phone. So far, I have found game apps and crossword/jigsaw puzzles to justify my purchase of a tablet.

    I still only use a phone to (get this) make phone calls.

  4. And what happenned when you tested your post post-test? :)

  5. I just don't see why anyone but a homunculus would want to type on a tiny little keyboard.

  6. Is it wrong of me to have counted and recounted* the legs on the spider, in order to HA! IN YOUR FACE, LITTLE KID!! your son if there weren't exactly 8? I just like to feel smart.

    *I counted them out loud and on my fingers. Otherwise I forget the number 7 and it all goes to shit.

  7. SkylersDad - Have you tried using a phone that's a bit further away? And hand cranked mobiles are turning up all over the place.

    Douglas - Calls? Well, it's novel I suppose. I'd like a tablet 'pooter but I'm not sure why exactly.

    Jo Pereira - Preliminary post-test test post test results are inconclusive. Needs a post test re-test I think.

    GB - I'm thinking of it as an emergency blogging device, as I'm often without access to a computer whilst at work, and then find I have an hour free in a car park refreshing my professional knowledge when I could be doing something useful.

  8. Steamy - Ooh, missed you whilst fromulating replies!

    I might also have counted them, although like all young children he's quite precise when it comes to arthropod limb numbers.

    I can count to twenty if I take my shoes and socks off.

    Twenty-one if the undercrackers go.

    And it's not too cold.

  9. Also, fromulating is completely a word.

  10. That spider looks like me in the morning. The humility!

  11. works! But I'll put money on it you get sick of the crappy small keyboard before long and go crawling back to you trusty PC...

  12. Wow, twa - Nice silk mate. Suits you.

    Tempo - Good point. The novelty factor still hasn't worn off, but then again I still play the ukulele . . .

  13. well, i am impressed, sugar! i'm still using the same razr phone i've had for 6yrs, i think. *sigh* love the spider pic! xoxoxox

  14. Jules, my cellphone makes phone calls, no photos, no music, just phone calls. This new technology stuff scares me stupid. btw, great spider.


  15. Aww, cute spider. Magnetic sketchers are the bomb diggities. Hope they never go out of style.

  16. Savvy - Well, they were ahead of their time. Like soda streams which are all the rage now! And his baby sister loved the 'pider as well.

    AV - Actually, the only thing my phone doesn't do very well is make calls! Mind you, that's one of the lesser reasons I use it for now so I can live with that. Maybe I should get a spare simple phone as well?

    Gia - I don't reckon they will. I wonder if you can get virtual versions?

  17. My phone is an old piece of crap. It was a touch screen that responded beautifully until it fell into a puddle two years ago. I haven't even thought of purchasing a new one because this one has been so good to me. I feel I would break its heart.

  18. If you decide to build another typewriter I will start saving my moustache clippings.


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