Friday, December 2, 2011

Sliding interview.

"Roll up! Getcher answers! Get 'em while they're true!"

I've been subjected to some questions by the lovely Feryx Lim over at Absolute Eloquence and Shit. Don't be put off by the fact that she's posted an interview with Yours Truly because, apart from that, there's some good stuff over there.

It's like an interblog love-in round these parts.


  1. oh how my heart is smouldering like pieces of black pudding in a frying pan

  2. Brilliant answers my friend, I liked the whole interview.

    But now I really, really want to know the worst story about being a paramedic.

  3. SkylersDad - Thank you kindly. Glad you liked it. a
    And maybe, over a beer some day . . .

  4. Nooo, please don't set light to the Strictly Come Dancing studio, how could you???
    Apart from that, a jolly good interview and quite pleased that you held back on the worst paramedic story, as I am squeamish.

  5. Scarlet - Thank you very much.

    Sorry, but I'm non-repentant on the Strictly front. I think it's because of a condition I have called possession of a Y chromosome!

    Also, I don't really understand the point of Forsyth.

  6. Forsyth? Oh that's easy... he's on a six figure lifetime contract with the BBC and they're trying to get their pound of flesh. They'll be wheeling him out when he's long gone through the magic of CGI.


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