Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seven Sent

Memes are something you start off doing religiously when you start blogging, as they’re a fun way of learning a bit about yourself as well as informing others of your proclivities.They usually involve answering a series of questions and then passing the task on, like a sort of benign chain letter. 

After a while though you get a little jaded and become more selective, even eschewing them altogether because you’re pretty sure you know exactly how you would answer them and how constraining they can be. The last couple I did I enjoyed, but only because I broke the rules a bit and didn’t pass them on which is the memetic equivalent of a fatal mutation. Richard Dawkins would be spinning in his grave.

Were he dead.

And possessed of an ironic post-death consciousness.

This one, however, was different for two reasons.

First, it came to me from the hallowed and talent-bedecked halls of Mr London Street’s blog. If you haven’t been over there, which I doubt because he’s all popular and that, then it’s worth going to see what a blog is supposed to be like. Just reading his interpretation of this meme gives you a damn good account of his blog, and hints at depths and writing ability that are a joy to peruse.

Second, it allows me to have free reign to choose some of my own posts without worrying that I’ll be seen as some sort of egomaniac. I can do that perfectly well any old time, I can tell you. Here though, it’s not asking what my best posts are (like choosing my favourite rotting carcass), but which I think fit each of the seven categories. I can do that.

This meme is straightforward. You select seven of your previous posts that you think fit one of the given subjects and perhaps deserve a re-airing. Then you honour 5 bloggers to continue the meme. Honour them good and hard.

Here’s mine:

1. Your most beautiful post

In order to demonstrate beauty’s optical subjectivity I’m going to go for this one, where I paid tribute to TV’s Tony Hart after his death in 2009, not because the post is especially beautiful but because it was for a genuine reason, and I think that’s a sort of beauty in itself. This is a good get-out clause for those of us who aren’t really sure what beautiful writing is, and are definitely not sure if we’re capable of it. In addition, there is a sweet and utterly beautiful drawing I did at the end, which will make you gasp in wonder. Gasp like a bastard.

2. Your most popular post
Not many comments, but I get a lot of people say they like Present and Correct where I discuss gift giving between men, after I gave my dad a birthday prezzie. In the real world, it sparked off quite a few conversations and, it would seem, turned out to be a bit more accurate than I actually envisaged when I wrote it.

3. Your most controversial post

I think it was the one where I called for a secular jihad. Oh wait, no, I haven’t written that one yet. I am not the most controversial of writers, as I’m not here to annoy people. I don’t particularly mind if I do, but it’s not my primary intention. I’m going to go with a different take on controversy, and that’s the one in my head when I ummed and ahhed about posting a picture of my new daughter because she was a hairy, hairy beast. As it turns out, I’m glad I did because people thought she was cute: Bang Goes The baby's Head.

4. Your most helpful post

It's a blog. Often read by bloggers or those who are interested in blogs. I'm not going to give helpful hints in pleasing your woman, although I totally could (treat the top half like a lady and the bottom half like a well maintained Ford Cortina). So I would go for this post: It's a discussion about how one feels when starting blogging for the first time compared with achieving that first heady year. I think it could be helpful and encouraging to someone just popping their blog cherry all over the screen.

5. A post whose success surprised you

Probably my twitter post, Tactical Re-Tweet. I have since become more of a fan of Twitter, although I don’t tweet enough what with, you know, not having that much to say. Actually, it’s the other way round, in that I have huge amounts to say but don’t want to bore people with it, and am continually amazed by other Twitterererers when they post 50 good, readable tweets a day.

6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

This one, because it’s got boobs in it. Boobs don’t get enough attention, in my opinion. They’re almost ignored by all of society, and I think that’s wrong!

7. The post that you are most proud of

Blowing my own trumpet is something that I’m absolutely brilliant at, so you might think I’d find this easy. In fact, I didn’t. After I’ve bashed out a post and then go back to it a few weeks (or even months) later, I usually find something I want to change, just a quick little edit here, or a spot of literary  Who Models The Modeller, mainly because my son asked me to print out the picture of him being a giant and firing lasers out of his eyes and setting fire to Tom Cruise’s hair, and who wouldn’t be proud of a four year-old’s approval?

Now I must find 5 suckers to pass this meme on to, and thus the curse will be lifted. Casting the bones, I see the mists clear and the screaming visages of potential victims come floating through the ether. Come to me, my pretties. Come:

SkylersDad – Because I’ve always admired intelligence when it’s mixed with humility.
Madame DeFarge – Because she has so many beautifully written posts that she could just randomly lob links to any of the above categories really.
Vic – Again, a superlative writer with a gentle wit that I never cease to admire, although she has been a tad quiet recently. Vic is a blogger whom, if she doesn’t do this meme, you would be well to just flick through and read anyway.
Tempo – I’ve only recently started following Tempo for some reason, and I haven’t examined as much of his back catalogue as I'd like. If he does this meme, it might save me some time!
Vegetable Assassin – Because she hasn't got anything better to do until her toe heals. Also, she like ukuleles, and so is a good, good person. No one bad ever liked ukuleles.

That’s me memed up. I feel I can relax a bit now and see if any other monkeys dance.


  1. I'm glad you did this because you have been one of my favorite bloggers and this gave me an opportunity to read posts I have never seen before. Seriously dude, your style, cadence, and stories always crack me up. Thanks for sharing some of your greatest hits. And thanks for killing about 45 minutes of my time while I read all seven!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You've given meming a level of respectability normally reserved for something, um, less respectable...

    Hmmm. Not sure where I was going there, but now I'm off to hit a couple of the links above (although I'll bet I've read them, as me and WOW THAT WAS AWKWARD up there are co-presidents of your fan club.)

    That's not true. But if there were more time in the day, I'll bet we would be.


  4. I have to say the Tony Hart post was my favourite, I am of a similar age and remember the witches hat and Vision On.

  5. Wow, twa - Thanks very much mate. You've no idea how much that means to me, especially coming from as accomplished a blogger as your good self. Cheers!

    Pearl - I've gone all red now, and am toeing the carpet. I'm also making a "heehee" sound.

    Tony van helsing - Oh yes, it's all coming back now. I don't think my kids will believe me when I tell them my parents only bothered getting a telly because they'd heard playschool was quite good.

  6. What an honour! Coming from a fantastic writer such as yourself it means all the more to me. Thats why it will be so very hard to refrain from fulfilling your desire.
    You see, I dont do memes so you will just have to wade back through the crap to find the odd gem.

  7. I am looking forward to reading your picks up there after I finish this comment, although I also bet I've read them already (still doesn't hurt to read them again!) Thanks for the nom there - I actually did this meme a few weeks back and am far too lazy to do it again so here's the link if you get that super level of bored. :) THANK YOU though Sir, I am most pleased with your meme donation. And yes, ukuleles are effing AWESOME! I love mine. LOVE. It is my BABY. There, I said it.

  8. Tempo - Sounds like a wise plan to me mate.I'll just have to dig a bit!

    Veggie Ass - Your baby? Sounds like an extreme way of getting a uke. I bought mine from a shop.

  9. Thanks for the tag (I think), this will take me a bit of time to come up with because it requires two things I am not good at. Thinking, and research.

  10. SkylersDad - Ha! You're so welcome!

  11. You are too kind. I suspect that I shall fail to live up to the billing, but my appreciation of your appreciation is sincere.

  12. Mdme DeF - It was worth a try, m'dear! Hope you're well and have more time to attend to bloggage than I seem to of late.

  13. Mdme DeF - It was worth a try, m'dear! Hope you're well and have more time to attend to bloggage than I seem to of late.


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