Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bucket o' pies

Putting things in a bucket is a sound sales technique, obviously. Fried chicken, mussels, bolts, dinosaurs, worms, raw black pudding and, at last, pies!

Bucket o pies by The Jules @ Gravel Farm

This could easily  develop into  a rant on packaging, or wasting resources, or convenience foods, or obesity, or . . . are those pasties two for 99p there

The real reason I'm posting this is because I was testing Flickr out yesterday and sent it to my blog, whereupon it doesn't just save it as a draft but publishes it in all it's unprepared glory. I haven't yet worked out how to stop it doing that what with having the computer savvy of a dugong so I just ended up removing it. 

Then I get comments hassling me about the bucket o' pies post that was only up for a few minutes and telling me to get on with it.

I'm looking at you Pearl.

Also, although I'm currently up to my earballs with domestic and employemental drudgery at the moment, I  couldn't let the beginning of June arrive without at least the semblance of a post, so what better way to celebrate Summer than showing a picture of a bucket? With pies in it.

Right, I'm off to see if I can find a bucket full of diversions for the kids.


  1. Ah, the 'Ol bucket of pies diversionary tactic eh? It will take more than that to get Pearl off your trail..
    It must be a local thing you've found there Jules. We have that bucket of chicken soaked in fat thing here but that's it really, and we don't have those cute pork pies here at all. Compared to the Aussie meat pie the pork pie just does not sell, and those other things !! ..though I've had a few bucket of bolts. (Aussie slang for a really bad car)

  2. As long as you are making a bucket list, don't forget beers in a bucket.

  3. Tempo - Never had an Aussie meat pie, but everything about suggests I would like it, it being meat in a pie and all.

    Eric - I think we have achieved buckety nirvana with that one mate.

  4. What about the old famous Bucket Bong? That'd keep the kids occupied for hours.

  5. tennysoneehemingway - Do the kids still use bongs? I thought it was all deep-fried crack cocaine and turkey twizzlers these days.

  6. am i missing something, sugar? as in what is IN those pies? i think the only thing i've ever purchased in a bucket like that is little pastries. ok, maybe i bought cookies. once or more than once...and candy, yeah, those, too. damn, i'm a sucker for things in a bucket! *hanging my head in shame* xooxoxo

  7. Savvy - Ah, pork pies. The clue is in the name, and they can be the finest quality meat ensconced within the crumbliest, tastiest pasrty, complete with delilcious layer of fatty jelly (honest), or it can be a lump of offal made from bits of animal closely related to a pig, with the occasional toe-nail for texture.

    But it's a pie, and that's the main thing.


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