Monday, October 11, 2010


Eddie Bluelights over at Clouds and Silvery Linings, a blog which blogs about blogs, bloggily, has decided that I needed to be awarded.

The award is rather touching, naming me as a Versatile Blogger, which makes me feel a bit like a Swiss Army Knife, able to unscrew a bottle of plonk and get boy scouts out of horses hooves with my various stainless steel appendages.

I get a picture!


Eddie himself was rightly awarded this title, and being the dutiful blogger he is, appropriately read the small print and adhered to the rules with genuine gusto and a diligence usually found only amongst the most succesful of traffic warden.

Hence my award.

In order to appropriately qualify for this award, I must reveal ten things about myself and then nominate a number of bloggers who I think will be up to the task of meme-hood.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see BAFTA or Oscar winners having to perform tasks for their awards, but apparently I have to work for this one.

Dance little blogger, dance.

The first part I can do, although I feel it would be richer for the reader if I used the all forgiving medium of lies, but as it is I will tell the truth, because the source is an honest sort of chap.

They might not be interesting, because I've told you all the interesting things about me on this ego-fluffing medium I call a blog, but awards don't care about that! They just want wordy toil.

Still here goes:

1. When they phone, I enjoy asking telephone call operators in Mumbai what the weather is like there at this time of year. The answer is invariably "Hot", "Wet" or "Hot and wet".

2. Today, I was wondering whether if you had no thumbs, you would be best wearing a poncho as there aren't any buttons on it.

3. Fridays are my favourite day for no other reason thant they are named after a lady called Frig.

4. I think aspirin tastes like earwax.

5. I can't get my head round the idea that before there was the universe, there may have been nothing, not even space. This makes the space between my ears ache.

6. I can't decide whether or not I like wearing pyjamas.

7. I sometimes use my pet house Rabbit, Bert, as a paper shredder.

8. After slagging of African redbush tea for years and years, saying it smelled like something a large carnivore with kidney problems might use to mark its territory with, I quite suddenly and unexpectedly like it now.

9. I really would rather like a banjo, and I'm not quite sure why.

10. I once spoke a damn decent amount of Spanish, and have managed to forget most of it, which is pretty unforgiveable really.

There you go. A scintillating glimpse into the inner workings of The Jules. Bet you're glad you asked now, eh?

As to the second part of the award, I feel it would be unfair to dump a meme on poor unsuspecting, innocent folk, minding their own bizz-nizz, and expecting them to jump just because I shouted "Frog!"

Actually, I would like that, but I'm also painfully aware that the ones I would like to choose are often on the receiving end of similar awards and memes and such-like, so I'm going to be kind and give them a break.

Kindness is versatile right? Sometimes it lets you be cruel.


  1. Better slagging African redbush tea, than to tease American red... nah, better not.

  2. Today's helpful Sky-Dad hint:
    You are supposed to chew the aspirin.

    You are welcome.

  3. Congrats on your award.

    #1 made me laugh.

    Definitely the most interesting/random list of 10 things I've read recently.

  4. Number two is the kind of question that gives me sleepless nights. In this instance I'm inclined to agree that a poncho would be an excellent garment for the thumbless though I will no doubt find myself pondering whether this quickfire decision is in fact the right one in the wee small hours tonight...

  5. Eric - Heh. Red bush. Heh. Mmmm . . .

    SkyklersDad - And earwax? How does one partake of that in civilised company?

    otherworldlyone - Ta. It's worth doing, as it means you don't buy anything and they feel better after the call.

    @poorparenting - People generally don't realise what a hindrance having no thumbs would be. You couldn't even push your hat back on your head with exaggerated insouciance.

  6. congratulations! and a most intriguing list, sugar! xoxoxox

    (i'm on drugs again.)

  7. Your writing style leaves me both jealous and covered with a light rash.

    And yet I keep coming back.

    I don't know who to see about this.


  8. Savvy - Well done! Hope you're not operating heavy machinery!

    Pearl - lol. I do like to spread the love.

  9. I like no. 3 . . . although I am not too sure if I can say why I like it, but I do. Congratulations, a well earned reward it has to be said

  10. I'm convinced that I commented on this last week. Maybe I'm losing marbles. If you find some, let me know. Congrats.

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