Monday, June 7, 2010

Just the one

Ooh . . .

Just got me . . . thing out. Not me thing. Me thingy. You know.


The computer is all hard to get to at the moment, wobbling about like that.

Ffffffffssssss . . .

What did I want to write.


Yes! Diet. On it. Sgoin well. Haven't lost any weight yet cos I keep buying kebabs, but I'm sticking to it. Proof is in the photo.

Just come home for a spot of lunch.

Got to go now.


To work . . .

Nnnnn . . .


  1. Oh, I love that diet! All the pretty colors...

  2. well done, sugar! been a week now, eh? xoxoxox

  3. But it's only a small bottle. Or you have really large fingers.

  4. So, first I read about you getting your "thingy" out and then, naturally, my eye was immediately drawn to the photo below ... have to say Jules, it was rather misleading.

    It took me a good five minutes to establish just what it was I was looking at, (for the first two minutes I thought you had a very odd and extremely pert nipple in the unlikeliest of places!) then I read the rest of the post, which helped.

    Cheers, ears!

  5. Well done, I think you should congratulate yourself with another bottle!

  6. Well, at least the whiskey diet is a low fat one. Has some merit.

  7. Mama Wheaton - Does make driving a bit interesting. Must be fatigue from the lack of calories.

    otherwordlyone - And that's just the sick!

    Savvy - I'm not a quitter!

    Madame DeF - Both. 750ml's enough for one lunchtime I reckon. Any more is just greedy.

    Girl I - The rest of the post still doesn't preclude me from having an extrememly pert nipple in an unlikely place. I know exactly where I want it as well!

    SkylersDad - Thank you. You're on my wavelength!

    Jon - It beats Slimfast, I reckon.

  8. Good to see it's working for you mate, keep it up.

  9. Why are you drinking out of the glass? You still had some in the bottle.

    Nice setup there.

  10. Tempo - I intend to mate!

    Eric - I was considering getting a teat for the top, but thought it might look a bit too weird.

  11. I was on this diet this weekend! HEEEEEEY, wait a minute. Don't you still owe me a beer? I do believe the last one was on me...


  12. Hurrah! It'll be a triumphant success, I'm um, sure. But keep the updates coming...

  13. Pearl - Ah, the old "I just got a round in" routine eh?

    Judearoo - Thank you for your support!


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