Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goose stepping

We went for a visit to the bird place I've blogged about recently, at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire.

Have you ever had that uneasy feeling that you're being followed?

It made me nervous. I thought I was about to goosed.


  1. d'yall have canadian geese over there across the pond?


  2. Good morning Jules,

    I think "Goose Stepping" would be a marvelous new fad to start....everyone just walk like a goose


  3. If you'd seen him coming, you could have ducked out of sight. It's the dogged determination that impresses me. Did you have bread hanging out of your pocket?

  4. Miss A - We do have Canadian geese over here, although we call them "Canadian Geese".

    Dr Z - Cheers.

    The U - Good morning. We could make the goose step lose it's sinister connotations.

    Mdme DeF - It was a bit bolshie, but after a while wound it's neck in.

  5. It could have had your pecker off!

  6. I have been goosed in such a manner, I do NOT recommend it, at least by Bolivian geese.



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