Saturday, January 10, 2009

Booze control

Continuing the ethanol based theme of my recent bloggage, I thought I would risk being labelled as a drunk (which is like being an alcoholic but more fun) by discussing the virtues of various beverages.

Now, as a manly man with all burps and hairy bits and that, I am obviously a fan of beer, which is relatively low in alcohol content and is primarily a thirst-quenching beverage for those of us who are allergic to water. I did once have a beer which contained 12% alcohol (called 'Deathshead' I think) and was seen as a right of passage at a certain beer festival nearby. Absolutely disgusting it was. I'm quite happy with the sub - 5.5% concoctions in general, although it has been bought to my attention that beer has something called 'calories' in it, which scientists suggest might be responsible for some weight gain in beer drinking chaps throughout the world. I have therefore been informed I must limit my beer intake or face the wrath of a female who doesn't want a big fat husband.

Bloody scientists - messing with things they shouldn't oughta.

Happily, I am also partial to whisky, as well as whiskey. Now I'm older I can afford some better quality stuff than the tea-coloured own-brand meths I was forced to consume in my earlier years, quality liquids such as glorious single malts or some nice imported Yank stuff. The problem with this is that it goes down far too easily, and before you know it you're bouncing off the walls as you try and climb the suddenly complicated stairs to bed.

Note how I've only mentioned the rufty-tufty, robustly male-orientated drinks so far? That's to demonstrate that I am, in fact, a rufty-tufty, robust male with a healthy interest in ladies and steak, possibly to be found, moustachioed and sitting in a pub with a full bottle of Gentleman Jack's, smoking a cigar so big that it has to be delivered by lumberjacks.

All of this is true, apart from the cigar bit, what with the smoking ban and everything. And the moustache.

So, it is something of a humbling experience to demonstrate my current favourite drink is this:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a hot chocolate with rum in it.

Oh yes.

A drink that would be accepted with a smile by ladies everywhere, except perhaps Saudi Arabia. You might notice that I was unable to resist sampling it even to take a photo of it unmolested. I was slurping away like a vulture with a rotting zebra kidney before thinking it might make a blog entry so you'll have to make do with this one.

Or might I suggest nipping off and making your own. Of course, if you're underage you might want to get an adult to make it for you.


  1. I'm technically underage but who's arresting me?

    I have yet to try a hot chocolate with alcohol in it, or an Irish coffee. I will try one when I next get the chance to go out.

    My favorite drink is a margarita or anything else citrusy. I also like Jack and Coke, as well as just vodka mixes. I like only certain brands of beer. San Miguel's and Stella Artois mainly. I never get fat from food or beer, so I'm enjoying my youth so far.


  2. Not a big rum consumer, I have had Irish Coffee though, and to tell you the truth, it tastes horrible with out all the 'fixings' (tons of sugar and whipped cream) Coffee of course is fine black and bitter (another story) I am not sure if the brand of whiskey is all that important, Jamison seems to be in most of the recipes I may take a try at this new one hot chocolate and rum, thanks

  3. I do not drink (anymore) except for the occasional gin and tonic. I am particular about the gin, it must be any gin that is on sale. I am also picky about the tonic, generic brand only. I find that with the proper amount of gin in the glass, the rest is soon unimportant. The reason I do not drink (anymore) is that a nosy doctor found some enzyme in my liver slightly elevated above normal. This led to questions about my drinking habits. It took visits to several doctors before I found an honest one in a bar who told me not to concern myself with the quacks.

    Before I quit drinking, way back in my youth, I was partial to any beverage that had any alcohol whatsoever in it. But I exercised great restraint in only drinking on weekends or any other day I had off.

    But I don't drink now (anymore) except for those occasional gin and tonics.

  4. Since I'm not a beer drinker, I have nothing to offer on that subject. When I'm out celebrating with family (friends), I'll have a Glen Livet; which is by far, the best alcoholic drink I've tasted.


  5. Michael - quite good taste for one so young, although regarding the fat bit - give it time.

    Neo - It's worh it, honest.

    Douglas - that's a very Englishy tipple, the old G&T. Aren;t you an ex-naval chap though - not noted for their tee-totality!

    UnderOvr - Can't argue with the Glen Livet!

    Jenny - you're welcome. Hope things work out for you and welcome to the blog.

  6. Knowing the calories and carbs in a few beers is great...but how about knowing the nutritional values of 2,000 worldwide beers, including Weight Watchers POINTS?

    I ran across this over at Barnes & Noble

  7. Is that your book?

    Respect on the research!

  8. Yes it is...

    In the US, the recommended serving size for beer is 12 ounces, as reflected in the book. There are many more UK beers in the book plus imports that are common in your area. WW = Weight Watchers

    Coming soon...wines, about 400 different labels.

    Miller Genuine Draft
    (UK) 12 oz 13.14 carbs 142 calories 04.70 abv WW POINTS 3

    Smithwick’s (UK)
    Bottle 12 oz 07.10 carbs 128 calories 04.50 abv 2 WW POINTS
    Draught 12 oz 07.10 cabrs 128 calories 04.50 abv WW POINTS 2

  9. LOL @ drunks are alcoholics who have more fun...



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