Friday, November 21, 2008


Walking past a local (and very posh) school recently, I came across this:

I'm not sure if this is clever or dumb.
I'm going with dumb because (i) it's a graffito, and that just smacks of someone desperately trying to gain immortality through daubing, (ii) because it's not on a particulalry ugly or pretty building so can't lay claim to either protestation or irony and (iii) because it's not Banksy, who has a license to graffite from the Dept of Daubology.


  1. There's a Banksy near my house that I find surprisingly challenging and in some ways more relevant than much of the so-called "art" in museums and galleries. It says, simply "Fuck - Tasha was ere 4 eva"

    Coarse yet somehow, I don't know, is beautiful too big a word here?

  2. He really hits the zeitgeist, don't he?


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