Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happiness is a dog egg.

I've been flicking through some blogs on here, which is dangerous because it's addictive, and I note that a lot of them are about happiness; pursuit of, lack of, acheivement of, loss of, ephemerality of etc etc etc. It seems to be a recurring theme in people's day to day worries. Am I happy enough? Is this the right sort of happiness? Is she happier than me? Am I depressed or just a bit sad?

I don't worry about happiness. If I was permanently sad, for no good reason, what would I be when something bad happened? Extra sad? A realy, really sad bastard? Possibly the latter.

So, in the interests of maintaining a positive mental attitude, which is essentially how you survive in this world without turning into a quivering emotional jelly, I think we should take joy in mildly amusing stuff, no matter how childish or trivial.

To this end, I bring you a thing from my little boy's letter board:

Heh - that totally says 'dog egg'.
Obviously, sanity can only be maintained if we ignore reality, because that shit will just depress the seratonin right out of you, but I'm fairly confident we've all got the wherewithal to do that.
If you find yourself slipping into some kind of reality-induced melancholy, try this link.
Hope it helps.


  1. Hi The Jules,

    My name is Michael, I'm 17 and I go to school and live in Hong Kong. Nice meeting you.

    I think that video was long but very meaningful. And I agree that happiness should be something more flexibly attainable. The world is obsessed with talking about the miserable side of things when really, some things are actually amusing. All depends on your outlook on things.


  2. Sometimes silliness is all that keeps us sane. You can learn a lot from small children. Especially when they play with words. The especially good ones make us all giggle. And then we become children again.

  3. Hi Michael
    Thnaks for visiting and commenting. Totally agree as well. I was expecting your blogs to be negative (from their descriptions)but they're not at all! keep it up!

    Hi Douglas
    Couldn't agree more. Just look at how much fun being silly is when you're just making a toddler giggle. really puts things into perspective.

    Thank you both for commenting.
    The Jules

  4. Hi The Jules, thanks for following my blog NR. Sadness is an affliction for those who have lost the will. Happiness is what I have attained, I can only hope to be happier. I usually agree with Douglas, and do so again, it is the sillier things that keep us sane. Don't have sound here at the moment, so didn't follow your link to the video. As my youngest is only two, I am quite familiar with what makes a toddler laugh and the childish gymnastics involved.


  5. thanks AV

    And wotta lotta blogs, might I say.



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