Monday, November 24, 2008

Groove armada

Like most blokes, I'm easily distracted, particularly by stuff that pops into my head. The other day, whilst being dragged round Mothercare, I had an awful brainworm - the lyrics to Kelis rap song "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard . . ." circling round my brain like a budgie in a Hoover. You know the thing, a jingle or snippet of song that you can't get rid of, whether you like it or not. Bloody annoying.

So, to combat the brainworm, I found myself proposing a challenge;
"To voyage around the world in eighty days!"

Actually, no, it wasn't that. That would be silly. It was to take a photo of something amusing in the next minute.

And I found this:

For some reason, the song really suited the close up of the knights grooving on down. I classed this as a success because it amused me, even if no-one else was privy to the humour, although it didn't get rid of the brainworm.

I had to start singing "I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky . . ." for that. Thanks Kylie.

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  1. Yes, I read that article. Bill Gates went to a school that had computers and practiced programming 10,000 hours before ever starting a business. Hmmm, my school didn't even have typewriters. I probably am a genius at pretending to be Gene Simmons of KISS in a locked teenagers bedroom.


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