Friday, November 28, 2008

A funny thing happened at a funeral the other day . . .

I'm quite proud off my little boy. He's 20 months old at the mo and like an information sponge. You only have to tell him something seventy or eighty times and BLAM, he can sometimes retrieve it within hours. He does like books though, mostly with pictures (which I can relate to) although I have noted he's starting to recognise the odd letter here and there, and I'm encouraging this as best I can.

Imagine my pride when we were attending the funeral of his Great Uncle recently, and he interrupted proceedings to point at a great big wall-mounted crucifix and cheerily shout "Tuh! Tuh! Tuh!"

His Great Uncle would've appreciated that, I know.

It's quite a weird concept the christians have there, with the method of execution of their head wizard becoming their ultimate religious icon. If it was done today, would they all be wearing little electric chairs or syringes round their necks?

Imagine if he'd died of a heart attack during an orgy? I'd wear that pendant.


  1. That's truly interesting... The Jules. Imagine the judisibe deciding which was the appropriate method of execution.

    Neat cockroach analogy, "All Hail the Boot!"


  2. Well, don't squeeze him too much or the knowledge will drip out of him and leave a mess in the bath. I'm impressed by his recognition of symbold of popular oppression. Take him to the Houses of Parliament and see what he says then.

  3. Not sure, but I bet it'd begin with "Fuh . . ."


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