Friday, November 21, 2008

Another sign . . .

I was visiting inlaws in the awesome metropolis of Uttoxeter a few weeks ago when I came across this sign on the Barclays Bank entrance:

At first, I thought it was amazingly sycophantic, and wondered if it increased their business at all. And then I realised how insulting it is to disabled people.
Apparently, the loveliest people in Uttoxeter walk through them there doors. Yup, if you roll, you can't be one of 'em.
Tough ambulatory titty.


  1. You've made me curious...

    Have you ever said "Look, I am trying to explain..." to a blind man? How about "See here, I think..."?

    Maybe you signed "Listen to me..." to a deaf person.

    What does a tour guide say to a tour group of paraplegics when he wants them to follow? Does he say "Roll this way, please?"

  2. "Come this way" perhaps?

    I agree really, I was just being facetious - my main opposition to it is it's naff sycophancy.

  3. Trust me, I wasn't criticizing you at all. I happened to have observed those things on TV shows and in movies and thought I'd mention them. We forget that someone might actually feel some slight in these common phrases.

  4. An English blind people's society (maybe the RNLIB or something) were responding to criticisms about a recent film depicting a society sent blind which descends into anarchy. Their response?...."we haven't seen it yet."


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